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11 Ways to Avoid Pool Accidents


  1. Watch
  2. Always have an undistracted person watching anyone who is in the pool.
  3. It is suggested that one person is told, “YOU are in charge of watching the pool.” This clearly gets the attention of the person in charge to take the task seriously. When the assignment to be in charge to the next person, the “You are in charge” should be repeated to that person.
  4.  Block
    1. Always block the entrance to your pool.
    2. The preferred method is an approved fence or a safety cover/net over the pool. But, at minimum have alarms installed on any doors and windows that provide access to the pool.
  5.  Learn
    1. Swimming Lessons can help make a swimmer stronger.
    2. Get your children into swimming lessons.
    3. We recommend  POPPKIDZ due to their great staff and attention to all safety matters.

6. Never swim alone or  allow someone to swim alone in your pool

7.  Install VGB Compliant drain covers.  (The VGB  Pool & Spa Safety Act takes its name from the  cause of  death of Virginia Graeme Baker which was caused by a faulty drain cover that restricted her ability to move do to suction.)

8.  Also, anyone with long hair should put it up in a pony tail or braid their hair to help avoid entrapment.

9. Always have a telephone near by for emergencies

10.  Learn CPR

11.  Remember that floaties, rafts, and noodles are only toys -while a Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device can save a life.

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